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LETTER: Democrats have mixed-up priorities

I watched Rep. Dina Titus on the news recently spouting support for Ukraine and spewing more disdain for MAGA Republicans. Here is the deal: The Democrats are willing to throw $60 billion toward more trench warfare in Ukraine, yet they won’t approve a single dime of real money for what is needed at our southern border — fences, walls, troops and deterrence, not some clown counting heads. The bill passed by the Senate is a complete joke and an insult to the American people.

Rep. Titus should quit blaming Republicans for the complete chaos she and her party have created. I hope the House holds firm. No money unless there is true change at the border.

Rep. Titus’s statement said it all: “We are not giving Ukraine new weapons, we are giving them old weapons and replacing our stock of weapons.” So we are giving Ukraine old weaponry and limits on how they are used and with limited range? This is simply a recipe for a continual money drain with absolutely no end in sight.

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