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LETTER: Democrats look to create a dependent class

We give bonuses in the form of increased unemployment benefits to people who do not work, and we give nothing to those who worked through the pandemic. We give tax credits to people who do not pay taxes so they can have more children than they can afford. We give the homeless checks, food stamps and phones and allow them to take over public places such as parks so that people who do pay for them cannot even use the parks. We talk of forgiving loans and rent for those who choose not to pay them, creating a greater burden for those who pay.

Now the Clark County School District will give kids good grades even if they do not do their work or bother to behave in school.

And the Democrats come up with more handouts without any expectation of improvement from those receiving them. At first, I thought the Democrats had lost their minds by rewarding irresponsibility and bad behavior. Then I realized there is a method to their madness. If they create a dependent population, then the people are more easily led. All they have to do is vote for Democrats and all will be handed over to them.

Why should anyone be employed, pay their bills, do their class work, remain sober or practice birth control when they will be penalized so that others can have handouts? It’s a scary future we face, and the Democrats don’t seem to care.

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