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LETTER: Democrats promise that Utopia is only one election away

Utopia is only one election away. There seems to be a majority consensus from the Democratic contenders running for our top office that the solution to every situation existing in the United States is to hire an entire collection of government bureaucrats to ensure every person within the country, including noncitizens, has been alleviated of personal responsibility.

Individuals should not have to waste their time performing meaningless work if they need not to worry about the necessities of life — which would be provided by a benevolent government — and are provided the opportunity to sit somewhere and recite poetry.

What more can a person wish for?

Once the island of Utopia has been reached, the final gift from the powers in charge will be to distribute cash to the entire population so as to maintain a robust economy. The source of this money will be a government printing press that will never run out of paper.

The election of November 2020 will decide the future of this country. This is not a casual remark but probably the most important issue of this century.

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