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LETTER: Democrats still can’t accept Donald Trump

It appears that there are many on the left who are simply unwilling to accept Donald Trump’s triumph in November. I won’t accuse all of them, but many — if not most — obviously hate losing far more than they love this country. There isn’t any doubt about it.

My advice to them is to run a candidate in 2020 that has far more integrity and a far better track record than the pathetic 2016 Democratic nominee.

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LETTER: Beware of fascism

Wayne Allyn Root writes about a plan to “make America American again” and lists 10 proposed executive orders to “stop illegal immigration.” Coincidence?

LETTER: ‘What’s a dean?’

I know well about deans in higher education, but I’ve never heard of a dean in K-12. So I assumed “dean” was a new title for “assistant principal.”

LETTER: The mystery of environmental NIMBYism

The very people who claim we are destroying the planet and must get off fossil fuels are the ones who fight the attempts to do just that.