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LETTER: Democrats try to keep Green Party off the Nevada ballot

How much more outrageous will election news become as Nov. 7 approaches? What has democracy in the United States of America come to? These questions must be in the minds of more and more Americans as they decide between a red or blue party choice in November — or whether to even vote. This two-party system no longer supports my political views, and I believe the same is true for more and more Americans.

I searched for an alternative and found the Green Party and its presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. A platform for government that works for working people, a “Real New Deal” to support the environment and a policy of diplomacy, upholding international law and human rights to bring peace speaks to my beliefs and values.

The Green Party of Nevada and hundreds of volunteers — including me — worked diligently and secured 30,000 signatures to get Dr. Stein on the ballot. The state then approved the campaign to have a ballot line in Nevada. Within 24 hours, the Democrats filed an injunction in court to stop Dr. Stein’s placement on the ballot. They are suing both the Nevada Green Party and the secretary of state to keep Dr. Stein off the ballot.

The party of “saving democracy” wants to keep the Green Party off the ballot to keep voters from having a choice. We, the people, demand an end to the days of any political party controlling the political process in this country.

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