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LETTER: Despite coronavirus, construction work continues

Gov. Steve Sisolak had the Labor Commission add “construction” to the list of essential businesses. Anyone with basic logic skills and common sense can see why “construction” is essential: money and money alone.

All the Allegiant Stadium workers will be gone at the end of July. The workers are the ones at risk, not the owners who will actually profit from this and other projects around the valley. If the stadium takes a 30-day pause, as so many businesses across the nation have, what is the impact? I say nothing, other than the health and safety of each and every person on job sites within the state of Nevada.

”Safety first” is the motto of most contractors in today’s world, but it seems to be nothing but a statement intended to make everyone feel good.

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LETTER: Is the Las Vegas shutdown worth the economic hit?

It’s hard to believe that we still have almost another month before we start thinking of opening business again. If we keep this country closed much longer, the economic effects will be worse then the virus. Here in Las Vegas, these gambling structures will never survive a long-term closure, nor will the people.