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LETTER: Diversity is our country’s strength

In response to the lengthy Feb. 20 letter by Rick Ainsworth attacking diversity, “Brave new world”: In praise of sameness, Mr. Ainsworth condemns exactly what he holds in such high regard.

Thinking differently, dressing differently, speaking differently and having a difference of opinion are not sins. Coming together after a careful examination of all the different opinions and then reaching a common goal is, and should be, exactly what this country is all about. If the writer considers it, in his words, “misunderstanding and turmoil” when there are conflicting opinions, he is living in the wrong country.

This country was born out of conflict and turmoil. The Founding Fathers, after much turmoil, had the great wisdom to compromise. That is not an unpatriotic concept.

Narrow mindlessness, bias, prejudice and rejection of different opinions are the threat to the American Dream.

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