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LETTER: Do as I say, not as I do, on EVs

With all the pontification oozing out of Washington regarding mandates on the transition to electric vehicles, I’d expect every elected representative of the party promoting these unrealistic mandates to be driving their EVs everywhere. What? They don’t own one themselves? The epitome of hypocrisy.

If those in positions of leadership who are driving this unrealistic target had to live with the inconveniences of doing what they say, I’m sure they might start making inroads on the funded, but undelivered, federal EV charger initiative and motivating the Department of Energy to move on the country’s power grid and infrastructure improvements required. Instead, it appears to be all talk and no walk.

The Ford CEO recently took to the roads in an F150 Lightning and shared his views on the challenges of driving an EV and gaining higher market penetration and acceptance of EVs. Hybrids offer an interim platform for the transition.

Like the diesel and gasoline vehicles that comprise the majority of vehicle power today, EVs will eventually capture some segment of the transportation market. But they will never provide a cost-effective or efficient solution to all transportation needs. Lead by action, not empty rhetoric.

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