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LETTER: Do moderate Democrats really want to support the hard left?

I ask all conservative Democrats: Did you understand all of President Joe Biden’s policies and the far left’s agenda before you cast your vote on Nov. 3? Do you agree with all the changes President Biden and the far left are making to our great nation? Or did you simply vote to remove Donald Trump from office?

President Biden and the far left have gone too far (much further than most moderate Democrats imagined), and the people of this nation must make their voices heard to stop the destruction of our country. Do not sit back and simply watch them tear us apart. We are not a racist nation. We are a nation of the people and for the people with equal justice under the Constitution. Our political leaders work for us, and they must change only things that we the people, as a majority, agree to change.

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LETTER: That horrible mask

Governor Sisolak should drop the mask mandate and leave it up to individual businesses.

LETTER: Joe Biden is the master of deception

A true magician knows that, for an act to be successful, it has to have a moment of diversion. President Joe Biden incorporates this tactic in every political decision.

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All of a sudden the same corporations that gave financial support to the GOP are now “woke corporations”?