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LETTER: Does anybody care about the national debt?

The national debt has been growing my entire life, and I am 71. Nothing changes. Both sides blame each other when it’s the fault of both.

We should create a group made up of people like Paul Ryan to look at every penny spent and find ways to save money and balance our budget. Once the budget is balanced, we can then attack our $23 trillion debt.

I suggest that all patriotic Americans attack the debt with donations which can go only to the national debt and that no money can be spent beyond our balanced budget. Once the national debt is gone, the billions that are now going for interest could be used for so many other things. This would go a long way toward making America great instead of paying interest to China and other countries.

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LETTER: Constitution doesn’t prohibit a partisan impeachment

If the Founding Fathers had intended that impeachment proceed only in “extreme bipartisan cases,” they would have included a provision specifying a threshold higher than a simple majority for the vote in the House.

LETTER: Impeachment editorial was right on target

The current proceedings are indeed an unprecedented attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election.