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LETTER: Donald Trump and the US economy

In response to court jester Wayne Allyn Root’s sycophantic gestures toward President Donald Trump and the “Trump” economy (“If you’re looking for work, Trump is your man,” Sunday column), we should dissect the government’s September jobs report.

Taken from a report in the Review-Journal itself: There were 22,000 jobs created last month. Manufacturing cut 2,000 jobs last month and is “likely already in recession.” Factory activity slowed to the lowest level in 10 years. September also saw a “hot job market for lower-paid Americans” and Latinos. (Read: immigrants). Some 34,000 low-paying temporary positions were created, and the biggest job increases were in health care.

What does all that tell us? We’re at or near the peak of a long growth cycle, and the contractions of a changing economy are starting to show. And there isn’t a damned thing that the president has done or can do about it, no matter how much Mr. Root shoots off his mouth.

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