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LETTER: Donald Trump, Russia canard is back in fashion

Those who believe that Fox News is in the tank for President Donald Trump should have seen the nonsense being peddled by the network’s Chris Wallace on Sunday. Mr. Wallace and the Deep Staters in the intelligence community would have us believe that Russia is doing what it can to help Mr. Trump’s re-election. Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Our booming energy sector has given the United States a roaring economy and influence in the energy needs of Eastern Europe, while at the same time costing Vladimir Putin billions of rubles in oil revenue. Mr. Trump challenged the Germans over their proposed pipeline to Russian oil fields, reminding them that Mr. Putin’s boot on their neck could get uncomfortable.

The best way for Russia to torpedo Mr. Trump would be to blow a few token kisses his way and let the geniuses in the CIA and at The New York Times get wind of it.

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