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LETTER: Donald Trump’s accomplishments speak for themselves

In answer to David Adams’ Nov. 30 letter to the editor about Trump voters, I will be more than happy to vote for a Democrat who can accomplish what President Donald Trump has.

For example, he has: built a wall to protect our country from the cartels, illegal aliens, etc.; presided over record low unemployment, including for African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanic-Americans; ensured that middle-class incomes are the highest on record and small businesses have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years; signed one of the biggest packages of tax cuts and reforms in history; signed an executive order protecting Medicare; signed a bill protecting disability payments for veterans who declare bankruptcy; became the first sitting president to enter North Korea; and signed the “right to try” bill.

I could go on, but I will not vote for a Democrat who wants free Medicare for all, including illegals; wants free college for all, including illegals; seeks to eliminate tax cuts implemented by Mr. Trump; pushes the Green New Deal; and vows to tear down the wall.

Mr. Trump has accomplished more in three years — without the Democrats — than any other president. He has my vote.

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