LETTER: Don’t blame the GOP for vaccine hesitancy

K.M. Cannon/Las Vegas Review-Journal @KMCannonPhoto

How many more hit pieces are we going to read in the Review-Journal blaming Republicans for the low vaccine rates? Rewriting history is one thing, but trying to befuddle my short-term memory is insulting.

I remember Kamala Harris telling the nation during one of the pre-election Democratic debates last year that she did not trust the “Trump vaccine” and would not take it if it was touted by the former president. Then there were the numerous talking heads last year who continued to pour cold water over “Operation Warp Speed” and the efficacy of any vaccine developed by a Trump administration. What is that old adage about something “coming back to bite you”?

I have no doubt in my increasingly suspicious mind that if Donald Trump were still in the White House, the Democrats and their pet labradoodles in the mainstream media would be front and center in dissuading people to get the vaccine.

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