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LETTER: Don’t blame the guns for shootings

There is a disconnect in this country between people calling for gun control and lawful gun owners. The Tuesday commentary by Leonard Pitts Jr. showcases this.

In this country, millions of lawful gun owners do not conduct drive-by shootings in front of children. Millions of lawful gun owners do not shoot up the streets. Millions of lawful gun owners use their guns in lawful ways.

Yet people such as Mr. Pitts want to restrict the gun rights of those lawful owners instead of placing the blame on the criminals who commit these gun crimes. How about our politicians get off their behinds and get tough on crimes committed with guns? How about they hold the criminals accountable and give them the kind of sentences that will actually deter more gun crimes?

But in today’s political climate, that would be “racist” and more 8-year-olds will continue to be exposed to drive-bys, sometimes not surviving the next one.

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