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LETTER: Don’t blame the police for Las Vegas’ increasing homicide rate

Your Monday front-page story “Homicides on the rise in the valley” shows the uptick in killings throughout the state and speculates that COVID has not been a major influence in the rise. I’d disagree. Consider that so many families lost everything, businesses were forced to close and fire their employees, the stresses of being inside all day and in some cases three or four people in an apartment with no air conditioning.

The article reminded me that when homicides increase, the sheriff is always called out for his department not doing its job. I ask: How can any police department stop a person from killing an acquaintance? Or stop someone from shooting up a box chain store?

There are only a small fraction of homicides that any department can stop or prevent.

I would love to see the day that even one homicide could be prevented by police action before it escalates to that point. But it’s time to stop blaming the police and blame those who are responsible.

It’s beyond time we keep the killers in prison for the duration of their sentences and instead release the offenders who are there for possession of a joint or small amount of weed for personal consumption.

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