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LETTER: E-cigarette story is way overblown

I am concerned about the scaremongering about vaping. Articles have noted the people who got sick bought illegal THC liquids containing vitamin E oil. Oil in the lungs will prevent the transfer of gases in your lungs.

The Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom has determined vaping is at least 95 percent safer than smoking. The U.K. is now opening vape shops in hospitals to try to get people to move from cigarettes to vaping in the quest to improve health and lower health care costs.

The current scare is equivalent to having someone travel around the country selling illegal soup. Then a bunch of people come down with botulinum and physicians determine the only thing they had in common is they had soup. Soup is dangerous, don’t eat soup.

I smoked for 40 years. This October, I will have been vaping for eight years. In that time I have come to breathe easier to the point of being able to run in a 5K. I never get bronchitis anymore. There are millions of folks like me in this country and around the world. I can understand politicians and self-interest groups promoting fear. It is disappointing when journalists don’t do the basic work.

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