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LETTER: Effects of tariffs on consumers is greatly exaggerated

Gary Martin’s June 7 article on the effect Mexican tariffs would have on Nevadans falls into total misrepresentation in an attempt to discredit President Donald Trump. The assumption that the amount of Mexican goods sold in the United States would remain constant if tariffs increased their prices — therefore representing a 100 percent tax to consumers — is ludicrous.

First of all, sellers in the United States usually have alternative sources of supply from other countries. They will choose not to buy from Mexico if it is economically to their advantage.

Second, consumers have choices. They may buy products from competitors, delay purchases or make other purchases as they so choose.

Third, the people crossing into the United States are costing American taxpayers a lot of money in a variety of ways. I don’t think losing 700,000 jobs to Mexico is trivial, especially if that country is encouraging the transport of illegals to our southern border.

If tariffs don’t prompt Mexico to corrective action, I’ll happily pay a nickel more for an avocado.

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