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LETTER: EV owner gets a laugh when he sees $5-a-gallon gasoline

Recently, the Review Journal published an editorial that made fun of a new Ramcharger EV that pairs a 27-gallon gasoline tank to recharge a battery with only 145 miles of range. The editorial went on to denounce regulations pushing us toward a greener electric vehicle future.

I agree that this vehicle sounds ridiculous. Absent a substantial work-truck related reason such as powering power tools or something similar, these “range-extender” vehicles seem outdated before the truck even launches. Make fun of it all you will, and I’m sure the market will make short work of it if it can’t justify its price.

Meanwhile, I’m loving the heck out of my EV that costs me less than a weekly gas fill-up for a month’s worth of driving. For me, the equivalent cost of gas would be 60 cents per gallon. Cents! And my car was moderately priced, well under the national average even before tax credits.

Laugh at EVs all you want, but just know I’m laughing every time I drive past $5 per gallon gas.

I get that you don’t like climate regulations. How about we just get ourselves off foreign oil instead with a better, cleaner, electric future?

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