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LETTER: Even small actions can help stave off climate change

I want to finish my education, but climate change comes first. Climate change won’t go on a hiatus and wait until I graduate high school to resume. In fact, by the time I graduate, climate change will be irreversible.

Although the Review-Journal has covered certain aspects of climate change — the article “First federal water shortage declared on Lake Mead,” for example — it is not enough. As a high school student, I constantly hear fellow students, and occasionally teachers, disregard climate change as “not their problem.” Citizens need to become more aware that our time to act is running out. Yes, this can feel overwhelming, but there is no lack of solutions.

People must realize the urgency of the climate crisis and also that their small contributions would be an enormous help. Take five minutes to email your representatives. Five minutes of your day. Advocate for a carbon tax — or even a plastic bag ban like they imposed in California. It does not cost anything to care.

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