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LETTER: Expanded opinion pages a good read

I want to thank you for the expansion of an already excellent opinion page that features top notch commentators. I have always enjoyed being introduced to new writers and the different ideas they put forth in their columns. Even if I don’t agree with them, it lets me know the thought process that brings them to their point of view.

I especially enjoy reading the added commentary by Ruben Navarrette. His writing style is concise, on point and holds your attention. But my absolute favorite is Victor Davis Hanson. His astute analysis during these turbulent times is a welcome voice to be heard.

Thanks again for all the hard work you’ve put in to produce such an enlightening and high-quality newspaper.

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LETTER: The Henderson Trump rally and constitutional rights

It is pretty obvious by Gov. Steve Sisolak’s picking and choosing actions that his main concern isn’t for the spread of COVID-19, but to suppress any effort by the Republican Party to re-elect President Trump.

LETTER: More Nevada unemployment follies

The myopic leadership of Gov. Steve Sisolak focusing on where President Donald Trump campaigns and evangelicals gather produces results half as much and two months late for its residents.

LETTER: Masks for thee, but not for me

Is it any wonder we “common folk” balk at the idea we are forced to wear a mask when the edict apparently does not apply to everyone?

LETTER: California smoke and air quality

It seems odd to me that climate change is much worse in California than all of the other Western states.

LETTER: The travails of a Las Vegas census worker

Yes, over the past three weeks, I’ve knocked on well more than 300 doors, with about one-third responding that they have already submitted their information via the internet or mail.