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LETTER: Fear the loony left more than the loony right

In response to Ray Grosser’s recent letter in which he said he was more concerned about loonies on the right than loonies on the left. I have the opposite opinion, because the loonies on the left have far more power than the loonies on the right, having taken over academia, Big Tech, entertainment and the Democratic Party.

Specifically, I’m concerned about loss of free speech (cancel culture), diminishing of the rule of law (sanctuary cities and a lack of police support during rioting), policies that hurt the poor (lack of educational choice and flooding the low-skill labor market with undocumented immigrants), limiting people’s ability to support their families (cancel culture, lockdowns and lack of due process), higher energy costs and loss of energy independence (Green New Deal) and judging people based on their group identity instead of by their character and contribution (critical race theory).

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