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LETTER: Federal stimulus package great, but why the pork?

The stimulus bill has been signed. It would have been better if legislators of both parties had set aside their agendas and wish lists and passed a one-page bill giving $3,700 to each of the 250 million American adults and $1,000 to each of our 75 million children. This would have cost “only” $1 trillion.

Best of all would have been if the elites had stepped up to give something back to the country that made it possible for them to accumulate their wealth. The top 1 percent have a combined worth of $25 trillion. Just 2 percent of that is $500 billion. That’s a $25,000 check to 20 million households without adding to the swollen national debt.

If we all followed a previous president’s admonition to take care of one another, we wouldn’t need government handouts, and the country would be better off.

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