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LETTER: Fighting over the federal budget again

Why are Democrats insisting that the money they printed to address the pandemic be a permanent part of the federal budget? It makes no sense — unless they plan on even more out-of-control spending.

The budget should be lowered to reflect reduced spending on COVID. The few Republicans who are asking questions about this should be applauded, not attacked for threatening to shut down the permanent Washington bureaucracy.

The federal government is already the largest employer in the country. It seems as if every day the feds come up with new ways to increase spending and taxes to pay for it. When will enough be enough? It might be different if the taxpayers were getting something in return, but that is not the case under this administration. No stopping the invasion from the south, not enough water in the Colorado River, crazy inflation and interest rates, terrible education results, homelessness everywhere and high crime rates.

Just what does the federal government do with all that money? Our national debt is more than $33 trillion.

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LETTER: Heaven forbid anyone should enjoy the view of the Strip

Clark County commissioners claim “safety” as the reason for their proposed ban on people stopping on bridges overlooking the Strip. But a more accurate assessment would be greed.

LETTER: Nevada, water and government subsidies

Subsidies are like tax deductions. Somebody else has to make up for the money lost due to a tax deduction. It’s time to halt subsidies of all kinds.

LETTER: School Board member goes after parents group

Linda Cavazos of the Clark County School Board attacked Moms for Liberty because they don’t want their children to be exposed to porn?

LETTER: Nothing but bad news in Las Vegas

Wouldn’t it be great to have one or even two consecutive issues of the Review-Journal that did not have any reports of murders or assaults in Clark County?