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LETTER: Finger-pointing during a time of crisis

In reply to Bruce Feher’s recent letter “Bad grade”: It seems people have a need to find someone to blame for emergency situations. In my opinion, the government has done as well as it can considering the information it had. Do you think government officials had millions of test kits for this virus hidden in a warehouse but decided not to share them with the rest of the country?

This situation is a new experience for everyone. No one was prepared. How can you have a vaccine for an illness that we’ve never had? Now they are learning, just as we all are, how to best contain it. It does no good to get upset over something that no one has control over.

This is not forever, and we will all get through this.

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LETTER: ‘Dump the Run’ on toilet paper

Why the run on toilet paper? Does COVID-19 cause digestive problems? Everyone with whom I speak is as puzzled as I am about this.