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LETTER: Gov. Sisolak’s ‘innovation zone’ proposal raises eyebrows

I’m following the “innovation zones” proposal concerning Storey County and Blockchains LLC. Gov. Steve Sisolak states that Nevada needs to diversify its economy. Pre-COVID we were humming along pretty well.

An “innovation zone” that is allowed to “self govern” and “carry the same authority” as a county in Nevada, including the “ability to impose and collect taxes, form school districts and justice courts and provide government services” is going to have long-term unintended consequences. Don’t we already have courts, school districts and government services in Storey County? How do county officials feel about losing their authority over 67,000 acres? This sounds more like an autonomous zone to me.

If our governor is so overwhelmed that he is willing to cede his authoritative oversight of any portion of Nevada to a private company, maybe he should step down and let someone who is willing to do right by all the people of Nevada.

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