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LETTER: Governor’s order on evictions, mortgages amounts to a taking

Gov. Steve Sisolak just issued a directive halting all residential and commercial evictions in the state (Monday Review-Journal). That directive is by definition the taking of property without compensation. If I’m not mistaken, that was one of the issues we had with King George III that led to the revolution of 1776.

The governor said that this does not constitute “free rent” and that renters would have work with the landlord to make up missed rent. This is simply ridiculous. If someone were being evicted for not paying rent, who would think that they would suddenly become responsible renters in the future and make up the months of rent they already owed?

I’m am not suggesting that we kick people out on the street. But if the government takes control of an individual’s property, that causes economic harm to that individual or company, and the government is responsible for any and all consequences of that action. The government does not have the right under any circumstance to take control of private property without compensation.

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