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LETTER: Gun background checks are already in place

People such as letter writer Tehran Boldon (Tuesday Review-Journal) are the reason that gun laws don’t pass. Or work. They have no idea what they are talking about.

In his letter, Mr. Bolton talks about background checks. In 2016, I purchased a semi-automatic handgun from a website. I paid the retailer through the website, and the gun was shipped to me. Well, not exactly. Despite Democrat claims of unregulated internet purchases, it’s illegal to ship a firearm through the mail without it being sent to a holder of a federal firearms license. And guess what happens when you pick up the firearm from the FFL holder? That’s right. It’s background check time.

I also purchased a bolt-action rifle (which is one step removed from a musket) at a gun show in 2016. Democrats describe gun shows as this bazaar of unregulated gun sales. But guess what happened after I paid for the gun? Another background check.

Maybe we could have a constructive debate about firearms if the people on the other side knew anything about firearms. Instead they repeat demonstrably false talking points from groups such as Anytown, Moms Demand Action, etc., whose sole purpose is to eventually ban all firearms. Then they tell us Republicans are the problem.

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