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LETTER: Henderson spends millions on sports facilities

Last week the Henderson City Council approved Resolution 48, which adds a ballot question to this fall’s election asking Henderson residents to approve a levy of 6 cents per $100 of assessed value to fund a $27.5 million bond to improve and maintain its fire department. I would point out that, in 2022, the city of Henderson spent $42 million on the Dollar Loan Center, with a supposed $36 million annual return in economic benefits, according to then-Mayor Debra March. Later that year, the city purchased the Fiesta Casino site for $32 million for a “future multi-use community sports facility. ” This is supposed to generate an annual economic impact of nearly $40 million. Now the city plans to vote on approving a 180,000-square-foot indoor sports complex that will cost $70 million and supposedly generate $39.1 million in economic output annually.

If Henderson officials can find funds for the three items mentioned above, I would think that they could find $27.5 million for the fire department without increasing property taxes on residents, especially after all of the millions of dollars that supposedly to be produced annually by these other projects.

Raising property taxes will increase rent, as owners will undoubtedly pass costs on to renters. It will also negatively impact those folks who own their homes but are on fixed incomes.

Perhaps the city might consider raising ticket prices for each seat at the sports complex by $1 and/or reducing the size of the 180,000-square-foot indoor complex. Use the money raised or saved to fund fire department improvements rather than raise the property tax on Henderson residents.

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