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LETTER: Here’s who’s to blame for Trump’s predicament

Who is to blame for the possible incarceration of former President Donald Trump? Mr. Trump blames the Biden administration, and everyone is aware that his mouth spews a lot of untruths. The MAGAS will jump all over the place accusing Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, David Pecker, Alvin Bragg and any name that will stick on the wall. Fox and friends will twist the facts so badly that they will be trying to wipe egg off their faces for the next five years.

Now let’s call it like it is: Republican senators forced the jail time issue. They had two impeachment chances to get the elephant off their back, but instead left it up to the courts to do the job. Remember Mitch McConnell’s excuse, that it is not up to Congress, it is up to a court of law? If they would have voted to impeach him, he would have left politics and went on his way duping everyone and living the high life. All you Trump lovers please place the blame where it belongs, on yourselves.

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LETTER: Here’s what Biden should do now

Now that President Joe Biden has announced he is dropping out of the race for president, here are 10 requests.

LETTER: Trump will forever be Trump

To think that man could ever care about anyone other than himself is laughable.

LETTER: A mixed bag on the Secret Service

Heroic acts, but as for the idiot who surveyed the site and deemed the security adequate, you should be looking for a new job.

LETTER: War games

Let’s take care of Americans at home before spending money on proxy wars.