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LETTER: House Dems in throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome

I read in Sunday’s Review-Journal that the first order of business for the House Judiciary Committee and Chairman Jerry Nadler, after their six-week vacation, is to commence impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

As if we hadn’t enough of the Democratic waste-of-money Mueller investigation, we will now be subjected to Rep. Nadler and his cronies wasting resources, time and money with the hope of a mythical outcome while Rome burns.

Never mind the real problems we are facing at home with immigration, homelessness, gun violence, illegal drugs, gangs, murder rates, poverty, hunger, education, sanctuary cities — the list goes on and on.

This has been the most ineffective Democratic House I have ever witnessed. They have not done the job they were elected to do and have instead pursued their Trump Derangement Syndrome style of governance.

Ask yourselves: What have the Democrats done for the citizens of this country since they took control of the House? What have they done for the illegal population of this country since they took control? I’m sure you will find it pretty lopsided.

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