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LETTER: House Freedom Caucus attacks government overspending

Until 51 years ago, Congress decided the budget by scrutinizing and voting on 12 spending plans for departments and agencies. That procedure changed when blood-thirsty spenders of Congress devised a way to extort the people’s money.

The budgets for the agencies were consolidated into one vote. Each succeeding budget would automatically include blanket raises. This allowed costly pork projects to be hidden. Transparency would be delayed until the “last minute” of the deadline. Politicians and citizens who criticized this approach would be attacked. This scam “gamed the system” so that overspending could never end.

For the first time in 51 years, the House Freedom Caucus dares to seek fiscal responsibility by presenting (and voting on) eight separate budget bills. Its members are being ridiculed by voices from every corner. They are accused of destroying democracy. They are called scorched-earthers and domestic terrorists.

We are witnessing an historic challenge to entrenched overspending and waste.

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