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LETTER: If Donald Trump were a Democrat, would Republicans tolerate his behavior?

I have to assume that President Donald Trump’s supporters will be happy in the future to support a duly-elected president who is a Democrat and who acts in the following ways:

One who instructs his employees to ignore a congressional subpoena. One who separates children from their parents and locks them in cages. One who reassigns funds specifically targeted by Congress to suit his purposes. One who solicits a foreign country to dig up dirt on his political opponents in violation of campaign laws.

One who makes large profits from federal government employees staying at properties he owns. One who threatens to break whistleblower laws by attempting to “out” a whistleblower. One who abandons our allies and opens the door for another country to attack them. One who tears up treaties and agreements made by Congress and by previous presidents. One who acts like a spoiled fifth grader, using Twitter to call anyone who disagrees with him nasty names.

This is exhausting. Rather than go on with the list, I will just assume Republicans will be totally supportive of a Democrat who does these things. Right? Because they seem to think all these actions are just fine.

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