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LETTER: Inflation and U.S. energy policy

While attending college, I became aware that the world economy ran on the back of American taxpayers. Going back to that, I find myself in a conundrum trying to figure out what is going on with our economy.

I look around and find that every article or product I touch has a common denominator: Everything is transported in vehicles powered by fossil fuels. There will not be a solution to the inflationary spiral until fuel prices stabilize. Turning the spigots off when it comes to oil production is without a doubt having a direct and immediate effect on the American economy.

Now we can see that Russia and the Saudis are taking advantage of the current situation by lowering production. This continues to add to the price of fuel. How can importing oil from our adversaries improve the environment? How many gallons of oil do tankers burn by coming to our shores to bring oil that is available here on our continent?

So we send our weapons to Ukraine for its defense. At the same time, we are paying extra for fuel, which happens — at some point — to go into Vladimir Putin’s pocket to purchase weapons to invade Ukraine. Are we paying for this war on both sides? Is this a vicious circle? What is going on?

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