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LETTER: Jacky Rosen begins the deflection campaign

You know it’s election season as the advertisements hit the airwaves proclaiming all of the accomplishments the incumbents have achieved since the last election and what they promise ahead should you pull the lever for them again in November. Sen. Jacky Rosen’s first ad stated that she is one of the most bipartisan senators in Congress. While it may take a Ph.D. in statistics to explain that reasoning, voters are reminded at each trip to the grocery store or gas station of the policies she has promoted.

Add in not a word of disapproval for the millions of undocumented migrants who have crossed the boarder.

Her latest ad confirmed the Review-Journal’s Sunday editorial, which talked about Democrats blaming others for high housing costs by pointing the finger at “greedy” corporations who buy up property and touting testimonials from people who are unable to buy a house in Nevada. Perhaps the senator should be apprised of the reasons why people have difficulty purchasing a home. Namely the highest interest rates in a generation and increased costs due to inflation.

Sen. Rosen helped create both of those problems by enabling the current administration to spend copious amounts money with little to show for it, creating the economy that we are all suffering through.

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