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LETTER: Las Vegas can’t just pretend the homeless don’t exist

To all those who think that if we just “get rid” of the homeless — or at least can’t see them — then all will be well: All is not well. America has a problem with homelessness. We have homeless in every big city. Those cities that are fortunate enough to have a warm climate have more homeless. It is just common sense.

I have more than once read opinions from Review-Journal readers who advocate just moving these people or just getting rid of them. They seem to believe that if we can make it so we just don’t see them, then the problem doesn’t exist.

How about we open our eyes to the problem? I thought the purpose of a kind and just society is to work on common problems, not pretend only others have them. Or is it the opinion of some readers that we should just get rid of the problem? Do we just put them in government holding pens, as President Donald Trump has suggested for the homeless in San Francisco? Do we just round them up, as in Los Angeles?

To jump on the Trump bandwagon and attack the homeless in only some cities is even more disingenuous. Are the homeless now a political football to be used as pawns in the partisan squabbles?

This attitude toward those who are most in need is disgusting.

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