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LETTER: Las Vegas could take lead on climate change

If the world is warming up thanks to climate change, let Las Vegas take the lead out of the air by taking the lead into the new decade. The contribution we all can refrain from is permeating the air with gaseous pollution: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, soot, benzene, formaldehyde. How? Lower the speed limit on surface roads to 40 mph and on freeways to 60 mph. Perhaps even the speeders will go 5 mph slower. We will get there healthier and safer.

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LETTER: MLK Day and marijuana establishments

To suggest that jobs for African Americans in the marijuana industry would be a savior for them is ludicrous.

LETTER: U-Haul won’t hire nicotine users

If half of the unemployed people smoke, where do they get the nearly $300 per month needed to supply a one-pack-a-day habit?