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LETTER: Las Vegas dream trip ruined by vaccine mandate

My wife and I were recent visitors to your amazing city. The dream vacation included great tickets we purchased to see Rod Stewart performing at Caesars.

Unfortunately, despite having already paid for these expensive tickets, we received a text just eight hours before the performance indicating that we had to provide proof of COVID vaccination to gain admission. We had the proof, but it was 1,200 miles away.

Thus, the highlight of our trip was squashed. No refund, no apologies. We cried. This is wrong and pathetic.

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LETTER: NFR is indeed a benefit to Las Vegas … or is it?

Do NFR fans not have to adhere to the indoor mask mandate? Have they brought the COVID virus with them, and will they spread it to the locals that they come in contact with?

LETTER: The abuses of indigeneous children

Thank you for your important article on Nevada’s disgraceful involvement regarding the treatment of indigenous children.

LETTER: Do families separated at the border deserve compensation?

Some people think that giving money to immigrants who entered this country illegally and were separated from their children is the right thing to do. What about separated families of other lawbreakers?