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LETTER: Las Vegas event planners forget about the little guy

Who pays attention to the people trying to keep afloat in Las Vegas? Well, it’s not the people who brought in Formula One racing. One of the circuit’s top drivers says he feels like a clown. “I think it is 99 percent show, 1 percent sporting event,” he said. What say you?

Who drives to the Strip every day? It’s not the rich and the politicians who are turning this town into a circus. And now they want to put a Major League Baseball stadium on the Strip in the middle of the biggest mess in Las Vegas.

When do the people who drive the train get a vote in this mess? Why do 30 rich MLB owners get to make the call on who comes to Vegas?

Our streets are a mess, yet they dig up and pave the whole Strip. When is all this going to stop? And who’s paying the tab? The people who are trying to stay afloat and just get by.

Someone please stop this insanity.

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