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LETTER: Las Vegas hoarders are making it difficult for the elderly, disabled

I would like to thank all those people who are hoarding toilet paper and water. You are making it difficult on the disabled who cannot get to the stores. This makes it terribly difficult for the elderly to survive day to day.

I went to my local store to get some essentials for daily living and saw a woman in the aisle take the last two dozen ketchup bottles on the shelf. People are panicking for no apparent reason. There is plenty to go around for everyone. I sure hope all the elderly and handicapped can get enough essentials to sustain life.

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LETTER: Another housing crisis on the horizon?

Our politicians have valued showering their constituents with money more than preserving the integrity of the dollar.

LETTER: Voter IDs and minority voters

Am I to believe that minorities in this country are unable to obtain identification?

LETTER: Biden corporate tax hikes will hit consumers

No companies pay income tax. Yes, they “file” taxes as required and “pay” what the tax forms show that needs to be remitted. However, these companies pay no income tax.

LETTER: Cegavske gets censored by the state GOP

It is mind-boggling that the Nevada Republican Party voted to censure the secretary of state. What have all the lies, bogus allegations, failed lawsuits and ludicrous conspiracy wailings wrought?