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LETTER: Las Vegas voter has interesting experience at the polls

My wife and I voted recently. Our experience left us confused and concerned. We brought our mail-in packets with us to be turned in so we could vote in person. The following were our individual experiences:

Me: I handed my mail-in ballot to the attendant. He opened the packet and wrote “spoiled” on each page and put the ballot into a pouch that seemed to contain other ballots.

Wife: Attendant took packet un-opened and put it into a pouch that seemed to contain other packets.

Me: Attendant could not read the back of my driver’s license with the scanner and had to enter all info by hand.

Wife: No problem.

Me: I tried to write my signature for verification on the pad with the electronic pencil. Failed. My signature was unreadable, even to me. The system verified it.

Wife: No problem.

Me: As I voted, there was a person standing directly behind me waiting to use my machine. No privacy was afforded.

Wife: No issues.

These inconsistencies may have been due to human or equipment errors. But, in either case, they certainly didn’t instill confidence and certainly require equipment fixes as well as attendant retraining.

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