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LETTER: Let’s make DC a test case for green energy

I have what I think to be a reasonable idea.

Washington, D.C., is a federal city, belonging to no state, but to all Americans. It has 5.5 million people, bigger than most U.S. cities, smaller than some. It enjoys four distinct seasons, and it is just chock-full of brilliant bureaucrats who know all there is to know about what is best for the American citizenry.

I propose that we establish D.C. as a “demonstration city” for green energy. Let the administration spend $100 billion for all those great minds to come together and completely restructure the city, making it as green as green can be. Give them a three-year deadline and turn them loose. They can show the rest of us exactly how it can be done. After they have succeeded in their mission, the rest of the country will have a perfect pattern to follow.

As an incentive, their fossil fuel usage must be reduced by one-third each year until the three-year goal has been met. That kind of incentive should be sufficient to keep them on task.

The administrative bureaucracy in D.C. is always willing to put the onus on the people. Let’s see how it does when it bears the burden.

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