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LETTER: Let’s stop being so preoccupied with President Donald Trump

In response to Lloyd St. James’ Wednesday letter “Trump lies”: When are people going to find another gripe and leave President Donald Trump alone? They don’t seem to see that Congress is doing nothing and getting paid by taxpayers. Why isn’t that a bone of contention? Personally, I resent lawmakers for accepting a nice salary for doing nothing for the American people.

All the criticism is geared toward Mr. Trump, regardless of how mundane the subject may be. Do people have nothing better to do than nitpick every comment President Trump makes? How boring is that? If you don’t like what he says or does, ignore it.

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LETTER: Fiddling while California burns

The fires burn in California and the whole story goes untold. Pacific Gas Electric has been punished into bankruptcy. Its customers are without power and still the place burns.

LETTER: The NBA’s false front

Thanks to Review-Journal sports columnist Ed Graney for his Oct. 12 column comparing the NBA and the WWE.

LETTER: Gun laws don’t work

From the day Cain killed Abel, no one has come up with a solution to stop one person from killing another.

LETTER: Las Vegas has right idea on the homeless

The city of Las Vegas has produced an excellent initiative to address the issue of homeless people camping or sleeping along roads, sidewalks and in public areas.

LETTER: This politician embodies the DC swamp

You would think after being in the political arena for 45 years, Joe Biden (or his son), would know enough not to be personally involved in using their name, power or influence to scam Ukraine.