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LETTER: Liberals go for the pearls after New York ruling

The left is going insane because a New York appeals court has reduced the bond Donald Trump must put up in the bogus fraud trial from $454 million — an insane amount — to $175 million. They claim Mr. Trump is receiving favorable treatment, which is so far from the truth it is absurd.

In the interest of fairness, due process and the Eighth Amendment, which forbids excessive fines, penalties, judgments and punishments, the case should be thrown out completely. No one was hurt or defrauded and the banks that Mr. Trump did business with enjoyed having him as a client and welcomed the chance to do business with him again. The loans were paid off and no payments were late. So where is the fraud here, and what crime has been committed?

Poor New York Attorney General Letitia James will not get to seize any Trump properties, such as the Trump Tower, golf courses, hotels and others. That has to be a major disappointment to her, but that is what happens when you bring a case that is entirely political with no merit.

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