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LETTER: Local COVID statistics often lack context

The Review-Journal has diligently published an article about the state of the COVID pandemic most every day. The problem is that the facts and figures are pretty much useless because I doubt that 10 percent of subscribers struggle through the articles trying to get some meaning from what’s gibberish to most people. I have a science and public health background, and it’s gibberish to me.

To be constructive, the problem is that critical numbers are undefined. What exactly is a “case”? Of what importance is hospitalization of a “suspected” COVID case? What about the positive testing importance. Exactly who is being tested and why are they being tested? Of what importance is the number of deaths if we are not sure if they died with COVID or from COVID?

I fully realize that the information you are printing is supplied by public agencies, and that you’re not responsible for the lack of clarity. I’m just wondering what’s the point of wasting the ink?

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