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LETTER: Local sportswriters should let Raiders owner do his job

Our local sportswriters need to let the Raiders owner manage the team. They are constantly throwing in their two-cents worth trying to select a new coach, player, etc. whom Mark Davis should hire or sign. I think in some ways they have been responsible for part of the Raiders problems, like making a big deal and blaming Derek Carr for bad games instead of pointing to the real problem of coaching.

Sports writers can express their opinion but they should state reality and let the fans sort out things on their own. At the beginning of the season, most fans like myself thought that Jimmy Garoppolo was a bad choice and that a coach with a record like Josh McDaniels had would not be good enough to get the Raiders to the playoffs.

The sportswriters may have helped make the final decision regarding a quarterback who was let go by the San Francisco 49ers and was prone to injury.

Sports fans enjoy reading the sports pages, but they become angry when the writers try to express their opinion in matters that are for the owners to decide.

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