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LETTER: Local teachers’ union endorses Bernie Sanders for president

I read last week in the Review-Journal that the Clark County Education Association has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for the 2020 Nevada Democratic presidential caucus. Sen. Sanders is an admitted communist who preaches the benefits of state-run socialism, a form of government responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people in the past century and the enslavement of tens of millions more. This begs the question: Just what is it these people are teaching our children in their classrooms?

I think it is past time for a complete review of the Nevada school system, including the curriculum being offered to our children. We must raise the qualifications for our teachers and pay close attention to destructive personal beliefs lest they pass these views on to our impressionable youth.

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LETTER: Bonnie Springs dispute highlights problems

Your recent article on the pending development of the old Bonnie Springs Ranch showed two aspects of just how far the United States has descended in such a short time.