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LETTER: Lockdown tolerance at an end

I will not honor the next lockdown. I will not watch our country destroy itself. I have listened to the experts for months. This disease will run its course — sadly, many lives will be taken.

Lockdowns don’t work for one simple reason: There is a group of people who will never adhere to the rules and feel they are above all of this. Those people include Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Bill de Blasio and Steve Sisolak.

I honor all the current COVID precautions. Sadly, these elected officials don’t. Thus they have given up the right to tell anyone what to do. I’m not listening.

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LETTER: COVID vaccines and age

No one’s life is any more important than any other in this battle.

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If all us taxpayers have to cover their wages, then maybe the prison system should start charging them for room and board.

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After living through the turbulent ’60s and lots of scary times since, this is perhaps the darkest time of my 78 years.