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LETTER: More must be done to stop those preying on the elderly

I read your Sept. 12 article about Shelly Calderon (“Not guilty plea in theft case: Woman accused of exploitation of elderly couple”). Ms. Calderon is accused of siphoning $13 million from the estate of an elderly couple. She ended up as their fiduciary, power of attorney and trust beneficiary.

It is past time that we demand accountability of a grossly unregulated industry of fiduciaries and/or guardians. I have witnessed firsthand a similar case of exploitation of my own father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. It is apparent that there are flaws and a lack of oversight in the system.

Unfortunately, there are many elderly folks out there with their life savings that predators are just waiting to take advantage of. Add to that a legal system that has failed to act to protect our vulnerable elderly. We cannot just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

This article should be a wake-up call, showing what can happen to our parents and ourselves as we grow older. Whatever has been saved during our lifetimes should not be so easily grabbed by predators.

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