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LETTER: Neighbors don’t want strip clubs near new Raider stadium

Updated February 10, 2020 - 11:03 am

So now some people living in Las Vegas — aka “Sin City” — are concerned about “adult entertainment” businesses being located around the new Raiders NFL stadium and don’t want these adult businesses in the vicinity (Saturday Review-Journal)?

One has to wonder if these people watched the halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl. The hip gyrations and frontal thrusts by J.Lo and Shakira would make some of the girls working our local strip clubs blush — to say nothing about some of the numerous close-ups and camera angle shots of their sexy costumes.

This sex show was not suitable for young children to watch. Yet here it was, on the Super Bowl Sunday halftime show for 150 million people to see. And these goody-two-shoes are worried about Strip clubs in the vicinity of the new Allegiant Stadium? Give me a break.

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LETTER: Nevada should ditch the caucus system

We absolutely support your Wednesday editorial advocating for abandoning this chaotic and time-consuming caucuses as a means of awarding presidential delegates. Early voting for the Nevada caucuses was very confusing —- the ballot instructions were poor and volunteers were unsure how to handle questions about the process. They were, however, very dedicated to making sure the voter results were accurately recorded.